Our Exemplary Projects
At Roca Surfacing and Tee-Son we believe that every engineering, excavation and grading, road-building, paving, and hauling service we provide is a worthy accomplishment that meets or exceeds our highest customer expectations. So selecting only one or two stellar projects to feature in this section of our website is an incredibly challenging task for us. To meet this challenge, we present one of our most historically-demanding projects along with a current exemplary project from each of our major service areas to spotlight here. Other equally-exemplary projects are distributed throughout this site as well. Loyal customers and potential clients should check back often to remain abreast on our ever-changing array of featured projects and services. Who knows? Your project may be showcased next!

Civil Engineering Projects
Roca Surfacing designs and develops a broad spectrum of civil engineering projects. Here we illustrate some major infrastructure undertakings.

Commercial Projects
Some recently-completed commercial and municipal projects that required some flexible, innovative planning are showcased here. Many of our commercial and municipal enterprises demand unique traffic accommodations, while simultaneously providing highly vigilant safety and clean, ecologically-sound environmental practices.

Highways and Roads
Roca Surfacing relishes the challenge of any road-building and paving contract, from ecologically-conscious nature trail foot paths to major highway construction and maintenance projects. Here we present two very different projects for you.

Highway emergency slide prevention
Cycles of cold and warm weather, coupled with a heavy, wet snow pack and poor soil conditions could have resulted in an extremely inconvenient, if not downright dangerous and costly highway slide. A vigilant eye caught the threat before the entire hillside gave way and Roca Surfacing was called in to address the hazard. The clean-up project was risky; soil conditions, weather, and the hillside slope demanded highly-skilled, knowledgeable engineering and equipment operation. Using careful assessment, decades of experience, and the right equipment for the job, Roca Surfacing met this challenge safely and effectively.

Highway skip patching
Roca Surfacing is an honest, quality-conscious road-building and paving company that saves taxpayers and road-users time and money. Our company does not skimp on hot crack fill, because we strive to prevent unnecessary future road damage and more costly repairs. We repair the underlying sub-base and use the appropriate hot tack when filling potholes. We remove the surface and restructure the sub-base in low-lying areas to prevent future sinking. While other contractors' bids may come in low, Roca Surfacing quotes reflect the value of putting people's safety and comfort first, offering honest, experienced, top-quality work everyone can count on - saving our clients more than they will ever know.

Residential Surfacing
Residential projects present unique challenges. Driveway construction and paving includes everything from obtaining appropriate city permits and accurate mapping of underground utilities, to assessing sub-soil conditions, determining the best sub-base aggregate and filter cloth, designing proper drainage systems, laying, compacting and sloping your asphalt surface, and protecting the safety of your yard, your loved ones, and you. To Roca Surfacing, your driveway is not just a driveway, it is an eye-catching, long-term investment that we are honoured to develop with you.

Tee-Son Ltd. Hauling
Tee-Son Ltd. Hauling
The devotion our drivers hold to their Tee-Son rigs comes from a deep attachment fostered by countless miles of long-forgotten roads traversed together. A clean, daily-serviced, and mechanically-sound fleet not only speaks volumes about our drivers and qualified mechanics, but offers you the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective, safe delivery of your valuable cargo on the market today. Here are today's examples of some recent Tee-Son loads.