Highways and Roads
With over 40 years of experience and training in highway and road construction, our senior engineer and project manager knows how to get the job done on time, within budget, and to your complete satisfaction. By using innovative, state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and materials, coupled with a devoted, dependable workforce, Roca Surfacing is confident that you will be pleased with the resulting top quality product that withstands the test of time.

Our dedicated team is ready to tackle any highway or road construction project, including:
  • General repairs and maintenance
    • Site assessment
  • Primary and secondary base construction
  • Primary and secondary paving
Whether you require brand new construction, repair, or resurfacing, we can provide the most suitable options within your budget and time-frame.

General Repairs and Maintenance
Unrelenting exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and ice of our Northern climate is the greatest enemy of any roadway. Asphalt surfaces shrink and separate due to oxidation from the sun. Then rain, snow, and ice penetrate the pavement subsurface where warm weather softens it. Without prompt attention, areas surrounding the affected pavement also begin to fail. Small cracks increase in size, width, and number, leading to large cracks, potholes, and costly, time-consuming repairs.

Our experts at Roca Surfacing are standing by to provide you with prompt, target assessments of surface conditions and expedient, lasting solutions that prevent small problems from becoming serious headaches. Such attention to small details reduces surface aging and sub-surface degradation, leading to substantive cost savings and an extended life for your project.

By choosing our caring experts at Roca Surfacing, you can rest assured that our prompt and skilled attention to the smallest details leads to the timely, cost-saving results you most desire. Your satisfaction with our quality, durable repair services will ensure a long-lasting, devoted relationship between us for years to come.

Primary and Secondary Base Construction
Our integrated team of expert project engineers and excavation, grade work, sub-grade, gravel, and paving work crews, diverse array of late-model equipment, and ready supply of resources and technologically-advanced materials give you the most flexible, adaptive service base available.

Roca Surfacing provides detailed excavation and sub-grade work, including surveying and staking, shaping and compacting the pre-existing sub-grade, inserting culverts, other drainage systems, and underground utilities, laying appropriate filter cloth, and hauling, spreading, and compacting the new granular layer in preparation for the top lift of gravel or pavement required for your roadwork job.

Whether you are a county, municipal, provincial, industrial, commercial, agricultural client, or an independent project site developer, we have the workforce, equipment, resources, and materials to satisfy your primary and secondary road and highway construction needs.

Primary and Secondary Paving
The Roca Surfacing and Tee-Son family of companies are pleased to offer an entire general contracting package, tackling any job you may have from start to finish, thus eliminating the worry of trying to find the right sub-contractors, necessary equipment, adequate resources, needed supplies, timely transportation services, and skilled workforces to cooperatively and competently complete the task at hand.

Our paving fleet includes an ever-expanding range of equipment, with the flexibility to handle any asphalt project from small trails and commercial parking lots to subdivisions and municipal, regional, provincial, and industrial roads and highways,

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, our energetic, innovative team of experts delivers the complete gravel and asphalt package to meet your needs from start to finish, while providing the highest level of reliable, friendly service available. Now that is quality assurance you can count on!