Residential Surfacing
A new driveway is a major, long-term investment that substantially increases property value and gives your home greater "curb appeal", while adding comfort, safety, and other memory-capturing bonuses, like a recreational surface for sports, picnics, and community garage sales.

Asphalt driveways are also convenient and cost-effective. A well-designed, properly-sloped blacktop absorbs heat, melting snow, and ice more quickly than other surfaces do. Melt water and rain run off the surface, keeping you and your vehicles cleaner and drier than other kinds of surfaces will. Inclement weather and seasonal changes, coupled with traffic wear-and-tear can quickly turn dirt and gravel driveways into a dangerous maze of ruts, washouts, and potholes, but with proper care, your blacktop driveway, access road, or parking lot will require little maintenance, lasting for years to come.

With Roca Surfacing, you can eliminate the worry and hassle of hiring a myriad of subcontractors who may not appreciate the scope of the entire project, lack the equipment or workforce, or are likely to not work well with other subcontractors. The experienced, integrated workforce of engineering, road-building, underground utility, and paving teams at Roca Surfacing understand that no two residential projects are alike. That's why we spend time carefully evaluating your property, addressing your needs and desires, and incorporating local inspection and bylaw requirements into a flexible plan that fits your budget and time frame from start to finish.

We take care of all the details, such as:
  • Checking for overhead and underground utilities before the project begins
  • Excavation
  • Grading, shaping, and compacting existing sub-base
  • Laying appropriate membrane fabrics for your soil conditions
  • Installing culverts, storm drains, and/or gutters
  • Installing, upgrading, or re-routing underground utilities as needed
  • Hauling in the new sub-base granular fill, grading and compacting it
  • Applying the asphalt top layer, compacting and sloping it appropriately, and
  • Asphalt repair and replacement.
Most residential customers invest in only one or two new driveways, parking lots, or access roads during their lifetimes. Understanding inspection codes, regulations, and municipal bylaws, paving processes and terminology, keeping abreast of new technological advances, and making the right decisions about who to hire can be an exasperating, time-consuming endeavour for you. That's why our experts are here to help guide you through the process, offering sage advice while taking care of the technical details that you need not worry about. To help you with the decision-making process and answer commonly-asked questions, we offer: