Parking Lots
The integrated professional engineering, project management, and workforce team at Roca Surfacing has the skill and expertise to design and complete all aspects of parking lot construction: site evaluation and grading, storm and underground utilities services, and paving.

No job is too small or large for us. From replacement, repairs, and maintenance to new paving projects, we provide a wide range of asphalt services including, but not limited to:
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Parking lots
  • Shopping centers and retail outlets
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouse and truck terminals
  • Apartment complexes and condos
  • Hotels and motels
  • Manufacturing facilities
Our commercial paving team provides innovative materials, technology, and techniques to enhance the efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal of your new asphalt surface or pavement repair, cheerfully completing the project safely on time and budget, while minimizing disruptions to your clients and you.

Patching and Repair

In time routine maintenance on your parking lot will require supplemental repair work. Timely repairs ensure that damage cannot continue to spread. Potholes, standing pools of water, alligator cracking, and depressions in the asphalt indicate that seal coating or crack-filling are no longer adequate solutions. Such signs suggest that sub-base structural problems may exist. If these problems constitute a third or more of your paved property, a complete grade and pave overhaul may be needed.

Depending upon the situation, Roca Surfacing experts may recommend:
Surface patching

Surface patching involves adding a new layer of asphalt to low areas to raise the grade to match the surrounding surface. It is a temporary fix that does not repair the structural defect that has caused the problem. Some paving companies do not take the time to do surface patching right. Improper patching can produce a lip that is easily lifted and destroyed, for example, by plow blades. If surface patching is recommended by our experienced team at Roca Surfacing, edges are butt-jointed, milled, and feathered to eliminate the chance of peeling a patch off.


The most common and frequent repair requested in our cold weather climate is the patching of potholes. Water seeps into pavement through cracks that are not sealed, or properly sealed, freezes, expands, and causes larger cracks. Once the weather warms, the ice melts, the water dissipates and leaves a void, causing the asphalt to collapse, forming a pothole. Potholes are safety hazards that demand immediate attention.

Rip-out and repair

If there are sub-base issues, a saw is used to cut and remove the asphalt beyond the visible defect. The sub-base is repaired and machine rolled. Tack coating is applied to the cut edges of the asphalt - a technique that less reputable paving companies skip to save costs. If this step is avoided, the new asphalt will soon crack and pull away, creating new sub-base damage.

Once tack coating is applied, base asphalt is poured and rolled. When cooled, a second coat is applied and the existing grade of pavement is matched to prevent water pooling or damage by snow plows or other heavy equipment.


A tantamount goal of our asphalt resurfacing crew of experts is to complete your project promptly, producing superior results, while not inconveniencing folks.

Using technologically-advanced fabric membranes installed prior to asphalt overlaying reduces reflection and secondary pavement cracking and pavement fatigue, while protecting sub-grades from water infiltration. This technique enhances the longevity and cost-effectiveness of your resurfacing project. If soft sub-base conditions prevail, we install fabrics under aggregate as well. Please ask our resurfacing estimators to provide more details about the many benefits of fabric installation options that may be suited to your needs.

It is imperative to keep your parking lot in top shape. Not only does it add value and aesthetic appeal to your commercial enterprise, but more importantly, it reduces the risk of injuries to your customers, visitors, and employees. Our Roca Surfacing experts are happy to take care of any parking lot paving or repair and replace project you have. And you can rest easy, knowing that our knowledgeable, dedicated team are using up-to-date equipment and quality materials to ensure that your project is completed in the most innovative, cost-effective, convenient, and safe manner.