Municipal Projects
Municipal projects most often encompass subdivision and surface works, including new underground utilities and drainage system works, and infrastructure rehabilitation, or a combination of these engineering design and construction activities.

Roca Surfacing and Tee-Son are pleased to provide municipal clients with the diverse, yet integrated expertise, equipment, transportation, products, and state-of-the-art supplies to meet or exceed project certification standards, As a single general contractor, we eliminate the hassle you will likely experience if you hire a myriad of sub-contractors who may not have the qualifications, workforce, or other resources to complete their part of the project on time or to required specifications. Moreover, many sub-contractors struggle to understand all aspects of a project, reducing their ability to work effectively with other contractors and crews, creating time-table clashes, generating haphazard workmanship, and in some cases, provoking outright conflict.

In contrast, your Roca Surfacing project begins with a highly-qualified engineering estimator's site inspection. This estimator adeptly assesses legal and practical job site requirements and incorporates your ideas and needs into an innovative project plan that includes astute recommendations and insightful solutions. The site inspection and plan development are followed by a prompt, yet detailed and honest bid quote that clearly defines what your project entails (without hidden costs or fine print), breaks down larger tasks and developmental phases, and provides a complete project price quote. Depending upon the scope and size of your project, photographs, blue prints, graphic designs, and alternate or optional project considerations may be included. Once you receive the bid, our estimator stands ready to explain any details or address concerns you may have about the project or quote. We aim to please!

When you are satisfied with the site inspection, overall development plan, and bid quote, you are then introduced to an experienced, professional project manager who remains at your side for the duration of the project. This engineering and construction expert skillfully orchestrates the entire project, creating a seamless, smoothly-flowing enterprise that tirelessly meets your needs in the most productive, friendly, safe, and innovative manner.

At Roca Surfacing and Tee-Son we understand that your time is valuable. Eliminate the stress of endlessly chasing a revolving door of contractors, sub-contractors, and nameless, faceless workers who have no idea what you want or need. If you are looking for an aesthetically-pleasing, top quality, long-lasting investment that is responsibly done on time and to budget, be sure to contact us.

Subdivision Surface Works
While other construction and paving companies make promises, Roca Surfacing delivers. Our accomplished, diversely-qualified team aptly completes any subdivision surface job from start to finish. We offer surveying, staking, goods and equipment transportation, excavation, underground utility installation, grading, granular base, filter cloth laying, and paving. Our one-stop, integrated construction and paving package eliminates the stress you feel when you are forced to hire an endless revolving door of subcontractors who are not equipped to work with other contractors, or do not comply with local municipal civil construction regulations. With Roca Surfacing, you work closely with our project manager, who has the skill and professional training to guide you through the entire process, smoothly and worry-free. The end result is a quality investment you can be proud of for years to come.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Each municipal infrastructure rehabilitation project presents unique challenges that requires a dynamic, diversely-talented team, the right equipment, and certified supplies to provide the most innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solution.

At Roca Surfacing, we develop an overall infrastructure rehabilitation plan that includes special considerations such as ways to minimize vehicular and human traffic flows, and reducing, if not eliminating interruptions to daily activities for the public, your clients, your employees, and you. This plan also details strategies for implementing a clean, safe, environmentally-friendly work environment for all, while remaining on schedule and budget to produce an attractive, high quality project that increases your investment and stands the test of time.