Tee-Son Ltd.
Our fleet of trucks and trailers is constantly expanding and diversifying to meet burgeoning customer demand. We hold great satisfaction in knowing that all of our equipment is serviced daily and well-maintained by qualified drivers and certified mechanics. This is what enables us to offer you the safest, most reliable, and speedy delivery you can count on. Check back often to remain updated on our most current equipment list, as well as any quality used equipment we may have for sale.

Today's featured products
Custom Pete
Custom Pete is beauty and beast. This Peterbilt tandem truck has the rugged durability to conquer the toughest heavy-duty hauling jobs while charming us with its intense midnight colour, captivating stacks, and sporty straight pipes. Who can resist our Pete?

2 tridem end dump gravel trailers
Our tridem impact end dump trailers are strong, light, and stable. With adjustable boxes designed for multi-purpose loads, tapered tubs that offer optimal clean load dumping, and wide, strong frames that improve trailer stability, our end dumps are ideal for your most rugged gravel hauling needs.

Other Units
Tractors and tractor/trailer units
  • Kenworth tandem tractor
  • Kenworth tandem with gravel box
  • Kenworth tri-drive tractor
  • Kenworth tri-drive with gravel box
  • Peterbilt tri-drive tractor
Other trailers
  • 1 Super B grain trailer
  • 1 Super B short log trailer
  • 1 tridem gravel pup trailer
  • 1 tridem lowbed trailer
  • 1 tridem tilt equipment tag trailer