Surfacing and Hauling
Roca Surfacing Ltd. and Tee-Son Ltd. provide professional construction, engineering, and transportation services for government, industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential clients throughout Northern Alberta, Northeast BC, and beyond.

Our company offers a wide range of services for government, industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential clientele for any scale of project through two divisions:
  • Roca Surfacing Ltd. provides construction, engineering, road-building, and paving services, and
  • Tee-Son Ltd. supplies hauling services for Roca Surfacing, as well as heavy equipment, Over-Dimension, Super-B train, log, dump truck, and other bulk loads for you.
With our flexible, collaborative service offerings and experienced, hard working, professional crews, you can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice with our Roca Surfacing and Tee-Son team!

Roca Surfacing Ltd.
Roca Surfacing Ltd. offers you the experience, professionalism, and quality workmanship to get the job done right - no matter how large or small your project may be. With backgrounds in construction, engineering, road-building, and paving, our project managers and their devoted teams offer you great flexibility by supplying the expertise, equipment, and resources needed to complete your project, while working safely and effectively within your budget and time frame.

With our head office located in the heart of the Peace area, Roca Surfacing proudly offers customers top quality workmanship using the latest engineering design standards in:
Design and build construction
Underground utilities
Subdivision surface work
Infrastructure rehabilitation
Excavation and grade work, and
Highway, road, and parking lot primary and secondary base construction, paving, and repairs
Detailed information and examples of work projects are found in the Services and Spotlight sections of this site.

Tee-Son Ltd.
Tee-Son Ltd. provides transportation services for all Roca Surfacing Ltd. projects, so Roca Surfacing clients can rest assured that equipment, supplies, and resources will always be reliably delivered, no matter when or where the demand is.

Tee-Son Ltd. proudly shares this proven reputation for safe, reliable service with other clients as well, offering a wide range of late-model equipment resources and the professional workforce to satisfy most hauling needs, such as:
  • Heavy equipment
  • Over-dimension
  • Logs
  • Super B grain, fertilizer, and other bulk freight needs, and
  • Dump truck
No matter how large or small your construction, engineering, road work, or hauling job is, we are dedicated to offering you timely, top quality, and competitive service that is guaranteed to please.

Detailed information on Tee-Son Ltd. equipment, hauling services, and load examples are found in the Services and Spotlight sections of this site.